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WTARI Mission Statement

It is the mission of WTARI – Wildfire Tactics and Atmospheric Research Institute – to educate on wildland firefighting. We meet with students, community leaders, politicians, and firefighting agencies to insure our country has the capability to provide the most advanced aviation, ground firefighting, and rescue services nationwide. During natural and other disasters these services must be provided with military precision and immediate response to reduce the loss of life, protect our forests, urban interface, infrastructure and reduce human suffering.

Our mission is to bring the domain of fire ecologists, wildland fire fighting, and forest management services together to ensure the preservation and enhancement of our environment.

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Most of the firefighting air tankers in our fleet are too old to be flying, which puts crewmen at risk.


The largest water-scooping airtanker in the world is certified worldwide, yet has never fought fires in North America.


In today's political landscape, there exists a relationship between wildfires and terrorism.

Climate Change & Wildland Firefighting

Fire experts, meteorologists, fire ecologists, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Interior all agree that our planet is in a state of climate change that is producing drought and record-breaking temperatures.

During the last decade these changes are more severe than any in recorded history. The result of these conditions are wildland fires greater in number, higher intensity, with greater flame lengths, and more acreage destroyed than we have ever seen in our lifetimes. These conditions are producing mega fires which are over one hundred thousand acres.

Predictions are that these changes will continue during the next twenty years or more.

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